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Digital Content Production
Helping you meet the publishing and content creation challenges ahead in today's design and media environment.

We strive to keep pace with the publishing industry in an increasingly paperless world, assisting with basic information on getting started with mixing video into your social content offerings.

If a bigger production is required, we can work with you from the concept to delivery, staying on track with message and budget for your content devlopment needs.

• Electronic eBooks
• Motion Media
• Podcasts
• YouTube (online) Video Integration
• Social Media Campaigns
• Music Videos
• CD and DVD Programming

• Mobile Devices
• Publishing, Distribution and Archiving

• Content File Conversion

Vintage Hymns
DVD Release

Student ePortal

Content Creation and Digital Publishing
Either within an existing CMS system, or creating a new portal or product, we take a detailed approach to providing the best results we can achieve. We focus on quality, seamless integration, and delivering a top-notch production that can add value to your productions. Today's culture of eReaders, eTechnology, and eTextbooks are becoming increasingly common. As consumers become more familiar with the options that technology provides in terms of lower cost, personalized access to information, and accessibility anytime, anywhere, we want to be on the leading edge of providing that content to a wide audience.

In addition to a wealth of digital DP resources, we also have professional session talent and award-winning narration staff all ready to assist you in your project, producing CD-quality narration - suitable for training, education programs, audio eBooks and more applications.

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Whether you are channeling digital publications to your readers, repurposing product or training information, digitizing legal documents, or converting print books to eBooks, our content conversion processes ensure your content is transformed fast and cost-effectively – with uncompromising quality – allowing you to meet your audiences’ expectations for timely and relevant digital content.

Rivers of Raindrops
Visual Poetry

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